Where your online gifts are really from this Christmas

It’s a month after your latest appeal. You’re looking at the results with (hopefully) a smile, thinking—we did it, we smashed it. And look at all those online gifts! That digital push really paid off.

The Facebook ads you ran, the online piece the local newspaper picked up and the display ads you ran through Google performed incredibly.


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A picture paints a thousand words…

We all know that imagery plays such a crucial role in fundraising appeals. But what happens when we don’t have time to hold a photo shoot? Or the beneficiary photos provided don’t really cut it? Or the case study is an unborn child where there are no images? Is there a way to convey need either with limited imagery or without any at all?

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Tis the season…

We all know intuitively that a strong sense of urgency increases the likelihood that someone will respond to your appeal. “If I can’t raise the money by next week, this will happen…”

But it can be tough to resist the temptation to include an arbitrary date. For example, “please respond by X number of weeks after lodgement deadline”, particularly in an appeal that doesn’t offer a natural (easy) deadline like the end of the financial year.

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