Turning your DM Acquisition pack around

Direct Mail Acquisition is harder than sober karaoke.

We have been working with the amazing team at the PA Research Foundation since 2014. Looking to grow the individual giving program, they decided to invest in premium acquisition. We chose a case study about a patient of the PA Hospital who has the type of breast cancer that wouldn’t respond to current treatments. Her only hope was that research being undertaken at the PA would reveal how best to target her type of triple negative breast cancer.

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Could we just add a tick box for…

How many times have you heard this?

“We need to identify possible bequestors… let’s put a bequest tick box on the appeal response mech.”

“Let’s put a regular giving tick box on the appeal response mech. We’ll still get the cash donations and we’ll get some new regular givers too!”

“Why don’t we add a request for volunteers on the appeal response mech? What’s the harm?”

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A picture paints a thousand words…

We all know that imagery plays such a crucial role in fundraising appeals. But what happens when we don’t have time to hold a photo shoot? Or the beneficiary photos provided don’t really cut it? Or the case study is an unborn child where there are no images? Is there a way to convey need either with limited imagery or without any at all?

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