The power of video storytelling: part deux

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We all love watching a good video clip. In the last couple of years we’ve been captivated by the likes of charity:water, Kony, and now the zillion versions of the Harlem Shake.

Lots of views, tonnes of excitement, all bringing something a little unique.

Video presents both an opportunity and a threat for fundraisers.

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7 month hiatus and video storytelling

It’s close to 7 months since I last blogged.

I could blame the birth of our twin babies in October, or a really busy workload. But that’d be lazy. I just haven’t committed to writing as much as I should.

Getting back here and writing this ‘first’ post is like going for that run you keep putting off. Once the first ones out of the way it should be much easier.

So, back to regular writing it is.

Nice short post today sharing a story we worked on with our fabulous client, Cerebral Palsy Alliance with last year. Told through video.

I won’t spoilt it, take a few minutes to watch it. It’s designed to inspire you to believe we can find a cure and prevention for cerebral palsy one day.