Where your online gifts are really from this Christmas

It’s a month after your latest appeal. You’re looking at the results with (hopefully) a smile, thinking—we did it, we smashed it. And look at all those online gifts! That digital push really paid off.

The Facebook ads you ran, the online piece the local newspaper picked up and the display ads you ran through Google performed incredibly.


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Could we just add a tick box for…

How many times have you heard this?

“We need to identify possible bequestors… let’s put a bequest tick box on the appeal response mech.”

“Let’s put a regular giving tick box on the appeal response mech. We’ll still get the cash donations and we’ll get some new regular givers too!”

“Why don’t we add a request for volunteers on the appeal response mech? What’s the harm?”

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Is there such a thing as Facebook nirvana?

Generating leads from Facebook is getting harder. Much harder.

The number of advertisers has doubled in the last 18 months alone (from 3m to 6m). Facebook is becoming more selective over the content it shows and even if you have the budget to run lots of ads, at the moment, 75% of the newsfeed content Facebook promotes is for organic posts. This means it is better to have one high quality, engaging ad for every three to four organic posts and to put in much more thought around how best to manage your Facebook Page.

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A picture paints a thousand words…

We all know that imagery plays such a crucial role in fundraising appeals. But what happens when we don’t have time to hold a photo shoot? Or the beneficiary photos provided don’t really cut it? Or the case study is an unborn child where there are no images? Is there a way to convey need either with limited imagery or without any at all?

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