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The Battler Batting Above its Weight

The bilby harnesses advocacy and generates serious dollars

the challenge

Save the Bilby Fund (The Fund) had experienced the loss of several income streams over recent years. This financial strain was impeding their ability to bring the bilby—a native Aussie battler—back from the brink of extinction.

We had been working together to establish and grow their digital appeals program over the previous two years with much success. However, with only a very small donor base of a few hundred people, we needed to find a way to grow their base of support outside of cash donors, specifically with a focus on generating a reliable income stream from regular, monthly supporters.

how we tackled it

In 2018 Cadbury had decided to remove Chocolate bilbies from supermarket shelves at Easter, denying consumers the opportunity to buy a bilby, of which part of their purchase would be passed onto bilby conversation work through Save the Bilby Fund.

So in 2019 we decided to give consumers the opportunity to exercise their rights to buy bilbies not bunnies at Easter by way of an online petition called Don’t Dump the Bilby.

The first stage of this campaign, which really played on the ‘David v Goliath’ battle at play, asked members of the public to sign the petition and provide their phone number, followed soon after by a phone conversation where the petition signer was asked to make a monthly gift to help save the bilby from extinction.

the result

The campaign was a huge success with over 15,000 people signing the petition and Save the Bilby Fund signing up 226 new regular givers, as well as several hundred new cash supporters, all within a five-week campaign period.

but wait… there’s more

New prospects and financial supporters from the Don’t Dump the Bilby campaign were added to the upcoming Tax appeal. The Fund communicates solely through mobile and online, so just having a name and an email address presented no barrier to solicitation.

The 2019 Tax appeal raised $110k—$70k more than the year prior—and prompted over 400 new cash responses from the prospect file. It’s their biggest cash appeal result to date!

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